Portuguese Coffee: Stories, Tradition And Emotions… In A Cup

There’s a place where friendship starts with a cup of coffee… and that place is Portugal!

Portuguese Coffee – A Blend of Stories’ is an institutional brand created in 2016 by the Portuguese Coffee Roasters Association (Associação Industrial e Comercial do Café – AICC), which represents the traditions and special features of coffee from Portugal.

AICC, through the creation of this brand, is seeking to showcase to the world the excellence of Portuguese coffee, which brings together tradition, flavour and emotion.

Art Of Coffee

Few nations understand the value of a good cup of coffee like the Portuguese. The art of coffee is something that is rooted in Portugal. It is a code that everyone understands – a ritual shared by about 80% of the Portuguese people, according to AICC statistics.

Portugal is also a market that has been inexorably linked to the coffee trade for centuries. The history of coffee began with the Portuguese, who introduced coffee throughout the world in the eighteenth century, and produced coffee in its former colonies such as Brazil, Timor, São Tomé e Principe and Angola.

As a result, Portugal is among the countries with the best knowledge of all roasting processes and coffee processing.

Espresso is so intrinsic in Portuguese culture that priority is always given for its exceptional quality, exhibited through its aromatic complexity, soft acidity and sharp body. It features an extraordinary balance of flavours and a dense and smooth hazelnut cream, with a persistent aftertaste.

Portuguese espresso coffee has a very unique identity, where tradition and unique flavour are combined in a blend of slow roasted Arabica and Robusta beans.

Behind The Brand

To acknowledge the specialties of Portuguese espresso coffee, AICC has created the label ‘Portuguese Coffee – A Blend of Stories, so that it can become a distinctive point of reference for coffee consumers all over the world.

One of the campaign’s objectives is to show the world the taste and intensity of our roasted coffee, transmitting the essence of Portuguese coffee as something more than a drink: it is also a moment to be shared, a social occasion.

The inclusion of this seal allows the consumer, especially in international markets, to recognise Portuguese coffee, and at the same time understand its identity. For exporting companies, the seal makes it possible to provide a seal of approval to this coffee, provided by an independent entity, thus contributing to an acceleration of the competitiveness of domestic companies abroad.

International Access

‘Portuguese Coffee – A Blend of Stories’ also provides national coffee brands with better access to international markets. All coffee companies in Portugal are permitted to include this seal on their packaging, provided they meet the requirements set by AICC.

A number of Portuguese companies are already collaborating with AICC on this campaign, including A a Z do Café, Cafés Negrita, Cafés Paraíso do Lis, Nestlé Portugal, NewCoffee, NovaDelta, Nutricafés, Portela Cafés and Torrié.

The campaign will cement Portugal’s reputation at the forefront of the coffee industry, as a leading exporter of roasted coffee to the various corners of the world, such as Brazil, China, France, Spain, United States of America and other markets.

Learn more at www.theportuguesecoffee.com or contact claudia.pimentel@aicc.pt.

Fonte: esmmagazine